Dear Worshippers,
Thank you for your continued support and understanding!
Weekly maintenance is complete, enjoy the smoother gameplay!
As a thank you, here's a special giveaway for you!:
-Coin x100000
-Dragonbreath Scroll x5
Also, please refer to below schedules of this update:
1. Gacha: Void of Fallen Prime - Dragonbreath
Duration: 4/2-4/16 02:00 (UTC-4)
New limited-time Dragonbreath Satan (Darkness/DK) and Darkfury Satan banner with guaranteed 4-star cast (or higher)/ SR Soulmirrors on 10x summon.
2. Gacha: Constellation of Starshards - Vengeance
Duration: 4/2-4/16 02:00 (UTC-4)
Guaranteed UR Starshard on 10x summon + New Starshard "Vengeance" set every 50 summons! Don't miss out!
3. Update on EX Evolution
Available casts this week:
Dragonbreath Satan
4. Bundle Update
I. Dragonbreath Satan SE Bundle:
Discounted login bonus bundle with Dragonbreath Satan and its Bunrei (if you own Dragonbreath Satan).
II. Inherit Lucky Bag:
Get free "Dragonbreath Satan's Bunrei" and "Sin/Virtue/Rider Grimoire Selector Box" after completing tasks.
III. Diamond Recycler:
Diamond daily recharge event with chances to get Dragonbreath Satan LR/UR soulmirrors+, diamonds, and other rewards.
Recharge more for exclusive rewards including Darkness Ex-Evolution Grimoire and her exclusive Karma gifts.
IV. Diamond Rush: Buy diamonds at a sweeter cash price!
V. Starshard Vengeance bundle I: Starshard Scroll purchasable with coins and discounted ★6 LR Vengeance Set with selectable main attributes (slot 2,4,6) .
VI. Starshard Vengeance bundle II: Are you still waiting for Dragonbreath Satan’s LR soulmirror(+) with the perfect main attribute? Now you can take away at a super discounted price. What are you waiting for!
5. Santa Claus Comes Last: Void
Duration: 4/2-4/16 02:00 (UTC-4)
Complete the missions for various rewards! 
6. Main Story Chapter 33
Main Story Chapter 33 and its Adventure Fund is available now!
7. Dragonbreath Satan Power Up Plan
Duration: 4/2-4/16 02:00 (UTC-4)
Good chance to power-up the new cast, let’s complete the missions for various rewards!
8. New Silver Pass Season
Duration: 4/2-4/16 02:00 (UTC-4)
Join and get Awakers and Riders!