Dear Worshippers,
Thank you for your continued support and understanding!
We're delighted to announce that the weekly maintenance has been concluded, ensuring a smoother gaming experience for all players.
As a token of our appreciation, we have a special giveaway just for you:
-Coin* 100000
EX-Evo Scroll* 5
Get ready for some excitement in the game!
Also, please refer to below schedules of this update:
1. Main Story Chapter 30
Main Story Chapter 30 and its Adventure Fund is available now! 
2. Garden of Mystery
From 11/14 to 11/28 02:00 (UTC-4)
Complete the missions for various rewards!
3. Kizuna Tower
From 11/14 to 11/28 02:00 (UTC-4)
The Tower of Strength is now accessible! Form a team of STR-typed casts to supercharge your SPD. It's your prime chance to obtain an additional 1000 soul gems! 
4. Consonance. Available casts this week:
Patchwork Princess Astaroth
Heartwarmer Metatron
5. Apocalypse Descend Gacha
From 11/14 to 11/28 02:00 (UTC-4) 
Brand new equipment makes its debut! The Faint Smile Sariel's Apocalypse Descend is on this week!
6. Pulse of Consonance Gacha
From 11/14 to 11/21 02:00 (UTC-4) 
Heartwarmer Metatron, Bumbling Love Leviathan and Vesperia Lucifer are on this week! Good luck on summons!
Issue Correction:
Fixed an issue where the effects descriptions for Bloodpacts (Souls and Unlaws) were the same.