Dear Worshippers,
Thank you for your support and understanding! This week’s maintenance has been completed. Following giveaway for this maintenance, and hopefully you will have fun in the game!
- Coin* 100000
- Sel. Blood Scroll * 5
Please refer to below as the updates this week:
1. Horror Maze & Fearless Talisman
From 5/23 to 6/6 02:00 (UTC-4)
Horror Maze & Fearless Talisman is a new system applied on this server. Players need to carry certain items to get rewards or pass stages. Win the prize Sin/Virtue/Rider UR Soulmirror+ selector box now!
2. Bloodpact: Eclipse
Bloodpact is a system which can enhance cast status and skills. New eclipse pacts are special for Metatron, Heartwarmer Metatron, Mammon and Harvest Witch Mammon.
3. Contract of Blood: Eclipse Gacha
From 5/23 to 6/6 02:00 (UTC-4)
Bloodpact gacha of this week is Eclipse, chance to get good pacts which are able to power up your casts!
4. Selection Gacha: Bloodpact
From 5/23 to 6/6 02:00 (UTC-4)
Time-limited pool for selected casts, good luck on summons!
5. The Shining Stars
From 5/23 to 6/6 02:00 (UTC-4)
Complete the missions for various rewards!
6. The Shiny Stars: 10-Day Login Bonus
From 5/23 to 6/6 02:00 (UTC-4)
Login for daily bonus! Coins, scrolls and diamonds!
7. Infinity Summon
From 5/23 to 5/30 02:00 (UTC-4)
New gacha pool for specific casts, your best chance to get all of them with a good deal. Keep rolling guys!
8. Silver Season Pass
From 5/23 to 6/6 02:00 (UTC-4)
Silver pass will support you for the coming weeks!