Dear Worshippers,
Thank you for your support and understanding! This week’s maintenance has been completed. Following giveaway for this maintenance, and hopefully you will have fun in the game!
- Coin* 100000
- Green Scroll * 5
Please refer to below as the updates this week:
1. Bloodpact: Serenade
Bloodpact is a system which can enhance cast status and skills. Power up now!
2. Contract of Blood: Serenade Gacha
From 3/14 to 3/28 02:00 (UTC-4)
Bloodpact gacha of this week is Serenade!
3. New Gacha: Paint it, Green
From 3/14 to 3/21 02:00 (UTC-4)
Time-limited pool for Saint Patrick’s Day!
4. Happy St. Patrick's Day: 7-Day Login Bonus
From 3/14 to 3/21 02:00 (UTC-4)
Daily login for free giveaways, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!
5. Kizuna Tower
From 3/14 to 3/28 02:00 (UTC-4)
Get ready for the challenges, Kizuna Tower is reopened. Collect the items for Consonance here!
6. Garden of Mystery
From 3/14 to 3/28 02:00 (UTC-4)
Complete the missions for various rewards!
Worshippers, Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY Global server has been updated on March 14th, please update the application before login. Below are the updates of this version, available schedule of each features will be announced. 
What's New?
- LR Soulmirror
- Horror Maze & Fearless Talisman
- Wish Gacha
- Infinity Summon
- Wheel of Fortune
- New Battle Pass
- Co-op Quest
- Starshard Enhancement user interface optimization
Thank you all for your support and love on Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY. Hope you have a great week and have fun!