What is Bloodpact?
Bloodpact is the third feature in relic system. Player can get buff effect once a pact is equipped. Player can get bloodpact via gacha, event banners or purchase in store. To equip a pact, please go Relic/ Bloodpact.
Rarity & Upgrading
There are three different rarities, Blue (SR), Purple (UR) and Orange (LR). To upgrade a bloodpact requires both coin and blood quartz. By upgrading bloodpact, player can unlock more slots, and three the most. Buff effects will not overlap, and will only apply the highest rarity.
SR pact: 1 slot.
UR pact: 2 slots.
LR pact: 3 slots.
Player can use forge to enhance pacts. To forge a pact, select a pact at the left column, and then choose another one at the right. Check both pacts and start to forge. Each process will cost diamonds and essences. To cancel the process, simply tap the Back button at the upper left corner.
Disarm & Dismantle
To disarm a bloodpact, select the cast first, and then tap the “x” mark at the upper right corner of the column. Depends on the rarity of pacts, dismantling bloodpacts can get different amount of Essence of Demon and Essence of Saint.
Use Bloodpact wisely and enhance your casts!