Vortex of Torment allows player to build up a team with 30 casts for challenges. Each event period is for two weeks, and the progress will be reset every two weeks. Key of Torment is required as a ticket for entry. Player can get 3 free Key of Torment in Belphe's Grocery Store. Key of Torment cannot be saved for the next event.
For Vortex of Torment, please go Campaign/ Daily Dungeons / Vortex of Torment
In each event, player can choose 30 casts as a team, and will be unable to change once all casts are selected. This is including cast level, skill level and their equipments.
There are three paths in Vortex of Torment, player will have only one-time challenge for each path. Once a path is cleared, player cannot repeat again during the event period. Each stage requires to consume different amount of Key of Torment.
Player will need to pick 5 casts of the 30 for each stage according to stage features.
To revive casts, player can use Returning Soul Ticket, which is available in Belphe's Grocery Store.
Player can get Torment Coin and Vortex Coin after stage is cleared, which are able to exchange items in the store or keep for the next event.